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Carpet Cleaning Coquitlam

Why Replace Your Carpets? They Can be Looking Like New Again

For over 30 years, SaraCares carpet cleaning Coquitlam has been helping homeowners and building managers save money by extending the life of their carpets. It’s no secret that regularly cleaned carpets last longer than carpets that are left to deteriorate from neglect.

Save your money on the cost of new carpet flooring and have your rooms, hallways and stairs professionally cleaned by SaraCares. Our hot water extraction and steam cleaning process will flush dirt from your carpets leaving them soft, fresh and looking like new.

Our 8 Step Cleaning Process

  1. Provide a no-hidden cost estimate
  2. Assess type and condition of carpet
  3. Move or pad furniture to prevent accidental damage
  4. Pre-vacuum to remove loose dirt and debris
  5. Pre-treat stains
  6. Remove dirt and allergens through hot water extraction process
  7. Carry out powerful steam cleaning of area
  8. Apply bio-degradable and non-toxic neutralizer

Why Should I Schedule Regular Carpet Cleaning?

Every time you have your carpets professionally cleaned, dirt, pet dander, smoke odours, germs and other materials harmful to your carpets and your well-being are removed. Carpet cleaning can reduce allergy triggers in your home as well as leave your carpets looking cleaner and brighter, and your entire living or working area smelling fresh.

When Should I Schedule Carpet Cleaning Services?

  • Before move-in or move-out day
  • During allergy season
  • When pet or smoke odours become noticeable
  • As part of regularly scheduled maintenance
  • After a flood to restore water damaged carpets
  • When carpets appear dull and dirty
  • Before placing your home, condo or building for sale on the market

Need your carpets cleaned for any of these or other reasons? Request a carpet cleaning estimate or schedule an appointment today. Call 604.618.2536 to speak to our expert carpet cleaning Coquitlam representative.

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