July 21, 2022

Five Carpet Cleaning Tips For Restaurants


A sharp looking carpet can lend a lot to the interior design and atmosphere of a restaurant. However, they’re among the first things to get dirty. Carpets catch dirt, grease, food particles, and other kitchen and shoe debris. It can be a hassle to keep up with the cleaning of restarant carpets every day. Additionally, a carpet that’s not maintained correctly can irritate customers and cause them to believe that your place isn’t clean and well maintained. It is vital to maintain a clean, welcoming environment for the comfort and health and safety of restaurant patrons.

In the case of a restaurant, one of the most important tasks is to eliminate food waste and dirt from the surface and stop bacteria, germs, and mold from developing. Also, keeping a clean floor also helps to deter pests such as rats and mice by eliminating food scraps and scents whenever necessary.

Here are five suggestions expecially for Restaurant Carpet Cleaning, for those who run or manage in the restaurant industry.


Give special attention according to the type of carpet


Before you do anything else, be aware of the correct carpet type you are cleaning, and whether there’s anything particular about it that needs specific attention. For instance, long-fiber carpets are more difficult to wash which is the reason why so few restaurants use them; therefore, if you own long-haired carpets, it will require you to spend more time at cleaning with special methods than those with a shorter-fiber carpet.


Install Carpet Mats Inside Entrances


Install walk-off mats on all entrances that lead into the restaurant from the outside, as well as the doorway between the kitchen and the front of the house. This step helps to catch and stop dirt from outside on patron’s shoes from getting in and it also will help to stop grease from getting tracked out from kitchen.


Daily Cleaning Of Spilt Food Stains


When food is spilt on your carpet, be sure that you do not just remove the food items. It is important to also neutralize the remaining bacteria and stain left behind from the food spilt. This can be done by steam cleaning your carpet or cleaning the area using the use of an antibacterial cleaning product along with a brush or cloth. This step is important to avoid buildup of food particles and small stains that can set in overtime, and soil the overall cleanliness of the carpet.


Using Grease Removal Product


This is among the most crucial tips to ensure that you have access to a reliable grease removal product. Restaurant carpets have a unique challenge in that they become filthy while they accumulate airborne food particles. The particles settle and become dried and trapped within the carpet, which can make the carpet greasy, discolored and may even develop an odor if ignored over time.

Regularly using a product that effectively eliminates grease from the carpet fibers will help your carpet last for a longer time and look fresher. Since you’re cleaning the entire carpet and not just spot-cleaning staining, you’ll need the best product to clean grease quickly and efficiently.


Use Special Coating To Avoid Buildup


In cases of kitchens that tend to smell of grease, there are special coatings that are known as “carpet finishes” that make it more difficult for outside substances and grease to adhere to your carpet. Keep in mind that although it can be beneficial, you’ll still have to clean your carpet.


All these tips can be helpful in maintaining restaurant carpet care. but if you still can’t able to manage them, then hire professionals like SaraCares Carpet Cleaning, which takes care of Upholstery Cleaning Vancouver and Carpet Cleaning Vancouver, as we are the leading service provider for Restaurant Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver.