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Don’t Forget It’s Your Spring Mattress Cleaning Time!

Published on Wednesday, March 26 2014

It’s spring time, and with the warmer weather now is a great time to throw open the windows, let some fresh air in, and get started on some spring cleaning. Before you begin checking off some of the tasks on your to do list, it’s a good idea to start with the most used, but surprisingly overlooked, area of your home–your mattress.

Your Mattress Is Not As Clean As You Think!

Most of us change our sheets and pillowcases on a regular base, never considering the mattress–an often neglected area that can sometimes harbour more than a million dust mites. Proven to cause mild to severe allergic reactions, dust mites have no natural enemies and can reproduce and accumulate very quickly. Even if you change your bedding weekly, it is still not an effective solution to eliminating these troublesome microscopic pests.

How Can I Be Sure They Are Gone?

For anyone who suffers from allergies or a compromised immune system, it is vitally important to stay on top of this problem and do your best to remove as many of the dust mites as you can. But in order to be completely sure that the job in done right, you are going to need a little help.

A sure-fire way to way to get rid of dust mites–and the problems that go along with them–is to get a professional deep mattress cleaning. Recent advances in technology in this area have dramatically improved. In many cases, one treatment is all it takes to eliminate 95 percent of dust mites.

Hire a Mattress Cleaning Professional

By ignoring proper bed care, you run the risk of allowing dust mites, bacteria and fungal spores to spread, affecting you and the ones you care about. Hiring a thoroughly trained professional to clean your mattress will effectively treat these troubling issues, giving you peace of mind, and helping you sleep better at night.

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