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How to Get Tar Stains Out Of Carpet

Published on Friday, October 2 2015

Need Help Removing Tar From Your Carpet?

Here is our complete guide to get your carpet looking like new again.

Tar is a sticky, durable, and oil-based product that is extremely tough to remove from your carpet. So unlike many stains, it is going to take more than just soap and water to rid yourself of this nasty carpet-clinging culprit. Before you commit yourself to buying a brand-new carpet, here are some useful suggestions on how to clean tar off your rugs. Remember, a fresh tar spill is going to be much easier to get rid of than an older one, so treat that gluey mess as soon as possible.

Use a Dry Cleaning Solvent

A dry cleaning solvent can be effective at removing a fresh tar stain. Apply the solvent on the stained area, allowing it to soak into the fibres. After a few minutes, gently blot the stain with a clean white cloth or rag. If the tar is still there, the next step should help you handle harder-to-remove tar stains.

Remove Tar with a Hand Cleaner

Try Gojo, Goop, or other similar hand cleaners to remove that pesky tar stain. Apply a generous amount of the cleaner to the affected area, working it into the carpet fibres. Then dab the stain, pressing down on it with strong, firm pressure until the tar lifts out. Finally, rinse the area with a clean damp cloth.

Attack Stains Using WD-40

A little WD-40 can go a long way to getting tar out of your carpet. Spray the oil directly on the stain, allowing it to sit for a few minutes. Blot up the WD-40 with a clean white cloth to lift out the tar. Next, you will want to wash out the WD-40 using some liquid dish detergent, making sure to thoroughly rinse the area.

Get Rid of Tar with Gasoline

If all else fails, try using gasoline. Pour a small amount of gas on a clean cloth and blot the affected area. Let the gasoline absorb into the carpet fibres, then dab the spot again with another clean cloth until the tar is gone. The gasoline smell should disappear within a day as long as the room is well ventilated.

Tar Still Clinging to Dear Life?

Using the above methods should help you remove tar stains from your carpeting. If the stain refuses to budge, however, you are going to need the help of a professional carpet cleaner. They have the experience, knowledge, and proper equipment to effectively get rid of troublesome stains, helping to preserve the beauty and life of your carpet.

For more information on how to get tar out of carpet, contact us today!

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