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Burnaby Carpet Cleaning Over The Years

Published on Wednesday, June 12 2013

Hot Water Extraction for Cleaner Carpets

Whenever we go out to clean carpets for a homeowner or business in Burnaby, we are reminded how much the city and our business has changed over the years. Formerly a refuge for the cozy bungalow, Burnaby’s Brentwood area is now home to clusters of shiny new high-rise condos, office towers and  the Millenium Sky Train. Not to be out done, the Metrotown area, and South Burnaby in general, continues to add more density. Just like the city, our carpet cleaning technology has evolved over the last 30 years.

Our truck mounted carpet cleaning systems are even more powerful now than when we first started cleaning carpets for homeowners and business owners in the Burnaby area. If you haven’t had your carpets cleaned in the last five years, you will be surprised at the effectiveness of today’s truck mounted carpet cleaning units compared to their older relatives.

The Importance of Water Temperature When Cleaning Carpets

In just a few minutes, today’s units use compact heat exchangers to heat rinse water as it flows out of the machine to approximately 240°F. (Note: 212°F is the boiling point of water.) The heated water is used following the application of our environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solution to flush debris and germs released from deep within polyester, olefin or other synthetic carpet fibres.

This carpet cleaning method, known as hot water extraction, is particularly effective at removing stubborn foot traffic, coffee, wine and pet urine stains from carpets as well as for cleaning upholstery. It is also the cleaning method that most carpet manufacturers recommend. Not only does hot water extraction restore stained and dirty carpets to a like new condition, it also uses less water, resulting in a much shorter drying time and less wasted water.

When to Avoid Hot Water

The only time we at SaraCares Carpet Cleaning will not recommend our hot water extraction method for cleaning carpets is when a carpet is made of a natural— not synthetic — fibre. For example, we will never use our hot water extraction method for cleaning wool carpets. The hot water can cause shrinkage and damage the carpet.

Fortunately, SaraCares Burnaby carpet cleaning experts have been in the carpet cleaning industry for a long time and can easily distinguish between carpets made of natural fibres and carpets made of synthetic fibres. No matter what type of carpet fibre exists in your Burnaby home or business, we can recommend the best carpet cleaning method. We will even pick up your area rugs, clean them using our hot water extraction method and return them when done.


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