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Flood Restoration Services in Vancouver

Published on Wednesday, October 9 2013

Act Quickly and Save Money

Let’s hope you never encounter the situation where you need flood restoration, but if you live in an older Vancouver home or even in a new condo, the odds are not stacked in your favour. Water leaks or even full on floods can happen anywhere. Water can enter a basement home from a burst pipe. A malfunctioning dishwasher could send water from the kitchen area into the dining area, soaking an area rug. Or a faulty tub or shower seal in the unit above could stream water through the floor onto carpet in the suite below. No matter what the cause, there is no time to waste when it comes to flood restoration.

The Sooner, The Better When It Comes to Restoring Water Damaged Carpet

The longer accumulated water sits, the greater the chance that harmful mold, mildew and bacteria will grow. And a damp basement or wall-to-wall carpet can be an ideal breeding ground. So when you experience water damage, no matter how small the area, contact a flood restoration service for help with the problem. The flood restoration service will determine the type of damage and the necessary steps needed to deodorize and sanitize affected carpeted areas.

The Longer You Wait, The More It Will Cost

If you experience water damage and are in need of a flood restoration service, don’t wait to call for help. Most services are available 24/7 because they know that water damage is an urgent situation that should be dealt with right away. If dealt with quickly, most carpets can be restored, disinfected and sanitized and, therefore, saved. But if the water damage is not dealt with quickly, the restoration service many not be able to save the carpets or area rugs. When it comes to water damaged carpets, the sooner a flood restoration service is on–site to deal with the problem, the better the outcome – both for your carpet and your wallet.

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