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Eco-Friendly Upholstery: Alternative Options to Conventional Fabrics

Published on Tuesday, June 24 2014

After a tiring day, nothing beats sinking into a comfy chair or sofa. While we are lounging in our favourite reading chair, or cuddling up in the perfect love-seat, rarely are we thinking of the type of fabric we are relaxing on. People who are chemically sensitive, however, or are looking to create a healthier, non-toxic living environment will more than likely want an eco-friendly fabric for their current or new furniture.

Finding the right eco-friendly furniture

Choosing eco-friendly furniture has been known to be one of the more challenging green choices to make. There are a number of questions to consider before buying environmentally friendly upholstered furniture. For example, is the furniture made of recyclable materials, will it biodegrade easily, and is it made without harmful chemical byproducts?

Currently, there is a growing number of high-tech, eco-friendly fabric options to choose from, but here are of some of the more traditional options you may also want to consider.

  • One of the more popular choices these days is hemp. Grown with significantly less water than cotton and with virtually no chemicals, hemp produces durable and useful fibres.
  • Similarly, organic cotton is a much better upholstery fabric choice than conventional cotton, but still needs a lot of water to produce.
  • A renewable resource that is fire resistant, warm and strong, wool is a great environmentally friendly fabric option. Before you purchase the furniture, however, make sure the wool does not come from sheep that have been exposed to pesticides.

Taking the time to research your upholstery possibilities will give you the choice of owning furniture that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing while ensuring that you are surrounded with materials that are healthy for you and the environment.

Professionals that care about the environment

Our upholstery cleaning Vancouver professionals use the safest, eco-friendly methods in order to maintain the integrity and life of your furniture’s material. Our professionals will do a thorough assessment of your furniture’s fabric, ensuring the appropriate care is taken. on

Using SaraCares upholstery cleaning services in Vancouver will give you optimal results, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of your eco-friendly fabric furniture for many years to come!

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