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How To Get Soda Out Of Carpet

Published on Tuesday, September 1 2015

Soda is a bubbly, yummy beverage that you are likely to find in most refrigerators. Unfortunately, that also means these popular carbonated concoctions commonly find their way onto many carpets, causing some serious stains. Left untreated, soda can turn into a sticky goop that can attract dirt, grime, and even ants! If you want to know how to get orange soda out of the carpet, as well as how to get red soda out of the carpet (or any other soda for that matter), trust SaraCares to help you handle that sugary mess. Follow these helpful steps below to have your carpet looking great in no time!

Blot Up The Spill

Blot up as much of the spilled beverage as you can to help stop the soda from saturating your carpet. Blot the stained area using paper towels or a clean white cloth, replacing them when necessary. DO NOT SCRUB! Vigorously rubbing the spill may spread the stain, pushing it further into the fibres. Once most of the soda has been lifted out of the caret, place a dry paper towel on the stain and firmly press down on it. This will help to remove any liquid that may have made its way deeper into the carpet.

Make a Cleaning Solution

Did you know that white vinegar and liquid dish soap make a mighty stain removing duo? Mix one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of dish soap together into two cups of warm water. Apply the mixture to the stained area, then blot up the cleaning solution. After about 15 minutes, pat the area dry with a clean white cloth.

If the stain is still there, mix one part vinegar with two parts lukewarm water and dab the solution on the soda stain, using a white cloth. Place a heavy object on top of the stained area—a book, a brick, a tool box, etc.—and remove it in about 15 minutes. Finally, blot the area dry with another clean, white cloth.

Get Rid of Stains With Club Soda

Club soda can pack a powerful punch when it comes to removing soda stains from your carpet. Pour some club soda on the stain, allowing it to sit for about 5 minutes. Blot the area with a dry white cloth, working from the edge of the stain toward the middle to help prevent spreading. Repeat this process until the stain is gone.

Still Need Help on How to Clean Soda Out of Carpet?

With some quick acting and a little elbow grease, you should be able to remove that sticky mess before it has a chance to settle in and ruin your beautiful carpet. No matter what you do or try, sometimes some stains just won’t come out. When that happens, you are going to need the help of a professional carpet cleaner who knows how tackle hard-to-remove stains.

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