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How To Remove Gum From Carpet

Published on Wednesday, September 2 2015

Having Problems Getting Gum Out of Your Carpet?

Chewing bubble gum might be a tasty, fun habit, but it can be a gooey, sticky nuisance if it ends up on your carpet. To make matters worse, gum can sometimes be stepped on from a dirty sidewalk and tracked into your home, turning a sticky situation into a ground in mess. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how to remove gum from carpet and get your carpets back to their original luster.

Worried about staining or destroying your gum-embedded fibres? Here are some suggestions on how to get gum off your carpet, as well as how to get gum out of your car carpet.

Turn Up The Heat

An easy method to get gum out of your carpet involves using a hair dryer. Once the gum has had a chance to soften, blot the area with a cleaning cloth. Gently lift out the gum until it is completely removed from your carpet. Proceed slowly when doing this process to prevent damaging of the fibres.

If the gum starts to harden again, reapply the heat from your hair dryer. However, wool or synthetic materials can melt if the heat is set too high. So it is probably a good idea to perform a test on a small, hidden area of the carpet first.

Put On Ice

Another great gum removal tip is to rub ice on it. Unlike heat, applying ice won’t remove the gum, but it will harden it enough to make it easier to lift that sticky glob out of the carpet. Put the ice on the gum and leave it there for about 20 minutes. After the ice has hardened the gum, gently pull it out of the carpet fibres.

Most of the gum should come out, but there might be tiny pieces left over. If this happens, you can remove the gum bits by lightly scrubbing the area with detergent or a spray degreaser. Vacuum up any small traces that may have been left behind.

Use a Solvent

If the gum has been in your carpet fibres for a long time, you may need to apply a paint or oil and grease remover. While the solvent is doing its trick, gently scrape up the gum with a plastic spoon or spatula. Never use a knife to lift out the gum as this may harm the carpet fibres.

Following any of the above cleaning methods will help you remove pesky gum from your carpets. Many carpets, however, are extremely delicate, requiring the services of a professional carpet cleaner. They have the proper skills and equipment needed to safely remove gum.

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