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How To Get Glue Out Of Carpet

Published on Thursday, August 20 2015

How To Get Glue Out Of CarpetGot yourself in a sticky situation with some spilled glue? Never fear, we’ve got some great suggestions for how to get glue out of carpet.
So you need to know how to get glue from your carpet. Maybe doing that craft project on your carpeted floor wasn’t such a good idea after all. Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge. Instead, we have some helpful tips on how to get dried glue out of your carpet. That clingy, sticky mess can be a nightmare to clean up, but if you treat a glue spill the right way, you can get back to enjoying arts and crafts again in no time (just make sure it is on the table this time). Time is of the essence, so let’s learn how to remove glue from your carpet.

As many glues are quick-drying, your best line of action to saving your carpet is to act fast. Cleaning up glue while it is still wet will save you a lot of elbow grease and headaches down the road.

Dabbing Up the Glue

Use a wet paper towel and dab it on the glue, making sure to lift out as much of the sticky glop as you can. You will more than likely have to repeat this process several times with multiple paper towels. After you’ve removed all the glue from the surface of your carpet, make sure you get deeper into the fibres. If the damp paper towel method is not working, try dipping a cloth in white vinegar, scrubbing the area, then blotting it up.

Heating Up the Glue

If the glue is still there, you will have to resort to some tougher measures. Place a brown paper bag or a thin cloth over the glue. Using the medium setting, heat up your iron and run it along the paper/cloth. The glue should liquefy and transfer into the paper/cloth. Repeat this process as often as needed, replacing the paper/cloth as necessary.

Scraping Up the Glue

You could try scraping off any excess glue with a flat-bladed knife. This works well if the glue is still wet, and in some cases, this method can also be effective on dried glue.

Snipping Up the Glue

Sadly, dried glue can be next to impossible to completely remove from your carpet.

If all else has failed, you can cut off the matted carpet fibres with some scissors.

You will want to snip sparingly. Otherwise, you could end up with an obvious shaved spot on your carpet.

Trying the above methods should help to get that pesky paste out of your beautiful carpet. If they prove futile, however, it is best to contact a professional carpet cleaning company.

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