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How to Pick the Right Area Rug for your Home?

Published on Tuesday, July 1 2014

Common Area Rug Mistakes

Beautiful, stylish, and a smart investment for your home, an area rug is the perfect statement for any room. And now that you have made the decision to purchase that charming addition, you can barely wait to get it home to see how it will beautifully accent that special piece of furniture or brighten up your living room. However, before you rush out to pick up that stunning rug you have been eying at your favourite home décor store, you will want to avoid making one or more of these most common—not to mention easily preventable—area rug mistakes.

Whether you are thinking about buying an area rug or already have one picked out, here are six important tips that will help you avoid making a decorating disaster.

Having Two Equal Sized Rugs in the Same Room

Having two area rugs that are exactly the same size and shape will produce the illusion of less space. And that is something you certainly want to avoid if you live in a smaller home. To open up your living area and create the effect of more space, place different rugs with varying sizes in your room.

Wrong Color

Another common mistake is choosing the wrong colour. Just because the rug looks beautiful in the store does not mean it will in your home. An area rug should complement the décor and walls of the room—not clash with them. Having a good sense of the colour scheme of your living space before you make your purchase will help you avoid making an eye-sore slipup.

Faulty Layering

When done properly, layering area rugs can undoubtedly highlight the beauty of a room, taking your decorating visions to new heights. Often times, however, many people can’t seem to get this right. To dodge a layering mishap, choose rugs that are the same shape, ensuring that one is smaller than the other. The colours should contrast without clashing with one another.

Choosing Inferior Material

If you are looking to save a little money by buying an area rug with cheaper materials, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. Sooner than later (especially if your rugs are in a high foot traffic area), your rugs are going to look worn out and shabby. Investing in a durable, higher-quality rug will stand the test of time, saving you money in the long run.

No Area Rugs

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not having an area rug at all. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the warmth and elegance of an area rug and what it can bring to a room.

Improper Rug Maintenance  

Neglecting to have your area rugs properly cleaned on a regular basis is another critical mistake that can jeopardize your investment, seriously damaging the look and feel of your rugs.

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